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Making a donation

Sponsorship of pupils

A substantial proportion of the families who have children enrolled each year at Aim Hai Pre & Primary School are reported to be finding it difficult to pay the full school fees.

Aim Hai Charitable Trust has decided that a priority for funds raised is to sponsor pupils whose families are unable, through financial hardship to pay the full amount of fees. For 2017, school fees are on average approximately £108 per term (£324 per year). This sum includes tuition, books, and food. In addition families have to pay fees for transport, school uniform, examinations, and school trips.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, all pupils will be required to pay fees for at least one term. This does not apply to a number of orphans who have been admitted as pupils, where no fee is expected. The Head Teacher will adjudicate on applications for sponsorship in accordance with an agreed policy. All applicants will be dealt with on an equal basis regardless of gender, religion or ethnic background.

Making a donation

The Trust welcomes donations however small towards either sponsorship of pupils or its general activities. Further information can be found in our leaflet. Please click Supporting education in Bomang’ombe, Tanzania

If you would like to make a donation directly to the Trust, please click Donation form

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